A guide to doing Startup PR in Singapore

A lot of people have been requesting I write something about the PR tactics that I used when I launched the Lobangclub app.   Almost the entire growth of the userbase thus far has been based on PR in one way, shape or form.  It allowed us to scale our user acquisition with zero marketing budget. I am going to dissect the type of things that I am thinking about as I planned the PR … [Read more...]

The story so far…and an announcement


First was the paper prototype;             Then came the web prototype;       Then came the web pivot; Then came the iPhone paper prototype; Then came the iPhone clickable prototype; Then came the iPhone prototype; Then came the iPhone prototype v2; Then came iPhone paper prototype v2; Then came iPhone protype … [Read more...]

btw…here’s what we’ve been working on the past few months


    … [Read more...]

How mentoring can really suck….or not

One of the commandments of startup success is to get mentors. Certainly in Singapore, there is no shortage of startup community events that aim to hook you up with mentors.  There is a constant stream of silicon valley types that make their pilgrimmage to Singapore and even some who stay permanently, alongside a massive untapped resource of local entrepreneurs cum mentors.  I've been to … [Read more...]

Scalable way to consume 1000+ blog posts per day

Barely a week goes by without a new startup that promises to clean up the noise on social media, from Google+ to Hunch, the constant griping about the twitter firehose, even call to action from VCs. When you are trying to do a lot of things you've never done before, feeding off other people's experiences are important.   I  read everything there is to read. Here's my scalable system of … [Read more...]

“Lean” doesn’t work for the majority of startups in SE Asia


The current dominant meme in the startup community is the "Lean" startup.   Take a look at the 52 exhibitors on Echelon 2011's site, count how many of the startups are either a  social network, a marketplace or  a platform?  The majority of the startups all are primarily relying on network effects as a major part of their product value.  The current "Lean" approach doesn't work for network … [Read more...]

Echelon 2011: How to hack the tradeshow

lobangclub echelon stand

It's being over a week since the end of echelon and it's about time I wrote about the experience. We exhibited at Echelon 2011, being my first time exhibiting at a tradeshow, here is what I wish someone would've told me beforehand. Location Location Location The final floorplan was basically revealed to me on the morning of the exhibition at 8am when I arrived, the previous floor plans … [Read more...]

So is our name “lobangclub” any good?

When anyone starts a web business these days, they are automatically faced with an unpleasant truth, option A for their company/product name is already taken.  100% of great domain names have already been registered. Take any great startup from the mid naughties and onwards, they've either launched under a placeholder name like facebook was thefacebook.com, twitter was twttr.com, foursquare … [Read more...]

The beginnings of startup culture: My experiences

Culture is a very ephemeral thing, how do you define culture? and more importantly, how do you shape the culture of the company? Everyone knows that culture begins with the founding team, the initial team will laydown the blueprint that will be the beginnings of a company culture.   When we were working remotely, things got done, but culture was not really being built.  Right now, we have … [Read more...]

How we used outsourcing to solve a two-sided chicken and egg problem

When we first started to build lobangclub we were faced with a classic chicken and egg problem, we wanted users to visit and contribute product and price data, however the core motivation for users to contribute is reciprocation or participation in an existing community.   We were attempting to build a network effect scalable two sided market, by FAR the most difficult type of startup, a problem … [Read more...]