Scalable way to consume 1000+ blog posts per day

Barely a week goes by without a new startup that promises to clean up the noise on social media, from Google+ to Hunch, the constant griping about the twitter firehose, even call to action from VCs. When you are trying to do a lot of things you've never done before, feeding off other people's experiences are important.   I  read everything there is to read. Here's my scalable system of … [Read more...]

“Lean” doesn’t work for the majority of startups in SE Asia


The current dominant meme in the startup community is the "Lean" startup.   Take a look at the 52 exhibitors on Echelon 2011's site, count how many of the startups are either a  social network, a marketplace or  a platform?  The majority of the startups all are primarily relying on network effects as a major part of their product value.  The current "Lean" approach doesn't work for network … [Read more...]