Scalable way to consume 1000+ blog posts per day

Barely a week goes by without a new startup that promises to clean up the noise on social media, from Google+ to Hunch, the constant griping about the twitter firehose, even call to action from VCs. When you are trying to do a lot of things you've never done before, feeding off other people's experiences are important.   I  read everything there is to read. Here's my scalable system of … [Read more...]

The lobangclub manifesto: beyond price comparison

One of my major hopes for our iPhone app launch is that ordinary users can experience what bargain hunters experience, the emotional ride. It is not about price comparison. The reason why lobangclub will succeed is not because users will save a few dollars on the items they buy.   Some people quite rightly point out that most people are price insensitive.   But there are TWO  reasons … [Read more...]

Why give $2000 to people to quit their job?

Being reading the book by Tony Hsieh from LinkExchange and Zappos, Delivering Happiness.   One of the most famous tactics that Zappos uses to build their amazing culture is that they give their new employees $2000 to quit their job in the first week of training,  because they want to weed out the people who want to be there for the money. This is absolutely brilliant not because it is a … [Read more...]

Michael Jordan’s high school story and startup motivation

Everyone has heard of the Michael Jordan story, he got cut from his high school basketball team, became motivated and then went on to dominate the NBA and become unanimously acknowledged as the best athlete of our generation. I was reminded of this myth on a fellow entrepreneurs site. The real story is a lot more mundane.  Michael Jordan has always been a star on whatever team he played on, … [Read more...]

48 Beta testers, 11 Expats, 37 locals, and some surprising data


April 11th 2010 was when we launched our first beta to the world.  As part of the beta I asked 48 people to go to the site, use it and and give me comments on it.  These users were all friends that I had met in the startup/web scene so they could all be considered pretty sophisticated with technology.  Given that we only had 48 testers, this is not a statistically significant sample size, … [Read more...]

5 Rules on how I chose my co-founder

This post originally published on I started lobangclub just over a year ago with my co-founder Ronald Cheung.  We are going through our 3rd major pivot, and what we are pursuing now is vastly different than what we originally envisioned when starting the company. Everyone talks about skills when choosing a co-founder, to me there are other things that are just as important.  This … [Read more...]