The lobangclub manifesto: beyond price comparison

One of my major hopes for our iPhone app launch is that ordinary users can experience what bargain hunters experience, the emotional ride. It is not about price comparison. The reason why lobangclub will succeed is not because users will save a few dollars on the items they buy.   Some people quite rightly point out that most people are price insensitive.   But there are TWO  reasons … [Read more...]

How to steal from Foursquare

Picasso once said "Good artists copy, great artists steal". There are surely a lot of entrepreneurs copying Foursquare, but I don't see many people stealing from them. Foursquare kicked off a movement that is now known as the gamification movement.  Seduced by the promise that giving people badges and mayorships will motivate your users to become loyal fans of your service. It has … [Read more...]

How you make money with this thing?

This is usually the first question I get asked when I describe what we are doing here at Not from investors or other start-up types, usually they are more interested(or pretend to be) in what our product is and how it works. But for average normal ah bengs and ah lians, this is by far the most common question asked of me. I was surprised initially by this question, I … [Read more...]