The beginnings of startup culture: My experiences

Culture is a very ephemeral thing, how do you define culture? and more importantly, how do you shape the culture of the company? Everyone knows that culture begins with the founding team, the initial team will laydown the blueprint that will be the beginnings of a company culture.   When we were working remotely, things got done, but culture was not really being built.  Right now, we have … [Read more...]

Why give $2000 to people to quit their job?

Being reading the book by Tony Hsieh from LinkExchange and Zappos, Delivering Happiness.   One of the most famous tactics that Zappos uses to build their amazing culture is that they give their new employees $2000 to quit their job in the first week of training,  because they want to weed out the people who want to be there for the money. This is absolutely brilliant not because it is a … [Read more...]